Real Brides Spill - The Best Advice They Received

It’s no secret; the moment you get engaged, people begin showering you with their words of wisdom, solicited or not.

This past year I sat down with a few of my recently married couples and asked them: “What is the best advice you received while planning your wedding?”

Here’s what they had to say….


Hire a mobile hair and makeup artist. This was SUCH great advice! Not having to worry about getting anywhere first thing in the morning made for a nice and relaxed day of getting ready with my girls.”

Splurge on your photographer. It’s true when they tell you it will be the one thing you have left after your wedding, we were so happy we set aside some extra budget to get a photographer we loved.”

Have a backup plan in case it rains! We were having a tent wedding and even though the weather forecast looked ok originally, it ended up raining a ton the day before the wedding, we were so happy we planned ahead and had a dry floor in place or it would have been a mess!”

Include your family (even if they aren’t in the wedding party).” We didn’t have a large wedding party so were able to include my hubby’s sister at the ceremony by having her sign the certificate and I think it meant a lot to her.”

Enjoy your day as much as possible. Don’t rush around and try to be present, it goes by SO fast!”

Nominate someone to make sure you eat. I didn’t do that and only had 2 bites of food and didn’t even have a piece of the wedding cake!”

Skip the extras. If you don’t love it, don’t do it. We weren’t big on traditions so we cut a lot of the ones that didn’t speak to us out and honestly no one cared!"

Have the wedding party compare notes. We had a few people telling the same stories during speeches and although hilarious, it started to get repetitive!"

Stay tuned for the WORST wedding advice series, coming soon!


photo credits: 1. Shari + Mike Photographers, 2. Gingersnap Photography, 3. Corrina Walker Photography, 4. Alan Maudie Photography, 5. Corrina Walker Photography