How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Party

Can we talk about your wedding party peeps?! Selecting your wedding party, though a no-brainer for some, can cause quite a bit of stress for others. You are, after all, choosing a smaller group of friends and loved ones to play a significant role in your special day - for some, that decision can be an anxious one!

If you are one of those people, I have a few solutions which can help you clarify how to choose your perfect wedding party. Let’s dive in!

It’s a huge honor to be selected as part of a loved one’s wedding party, so it’s important that you choose those who are nearest and dearest to you; for example, many choose life-long friends and family who they believe or feel will be beside them for many years to come. Consider the following:

  • Forever Friends - Ensure whoever you choose for your wedding party are those nearest and dearest to you.

  • Reliable - Choose individuals who are trustworthy, dependable and able to commit, you don’t need any extra stress here.

  • Mobile - Make sure everyone is able and willing to travel for the wedding and potentially pre-wedding events.

  • Financially able - Be up front about the costs for clothing, travel, lodging, and pre-wedding events.

  • Partner – talk to your partner and make sure you are on the same page about how many people you each want standing with you during your ceremony. While you might want 27, he or she may only want one or two.

  • Be sure - of who you choose, and be cognizant of the fact that, once you ask someone to be a part of your special day, it is rarely simple to take back that request!

  • You don’t have to return the favor – no need to ask someone just because they asked you.

  • Siblings are often a simple choice; talk to your sibling(s) about having them as a member of your wedding party.

  • Men vs Women - Bridesmaids don’t all have to be women, nor do groomsmen all have to be men. Don’t feel pressured to adhere to traditions; men and women can both have maids or grooms of honor!

  • Maid of Honor - If you can’t choose a maid of honor, feel free to have more than one, or don’t have a maid of honor at all. Do what feels natural and authentic for you!

  • Less is more - an age-old adage that often rings true for wedding parties.

Whatever you do, stay true to yourselves and ask the same question I tell you to ask when you are creating your wedding guest list: will they make your wedding more fun?! There you will find your answers.