The Guest List Edit - Who to Invite (And Perhaps, Who Not)

You’re well on your way towards planning your perfect wedding day, when your guest list leaves you feeling stumped.

Who do I invite? And who can I leave out?

The notorious wedding guest list is a tough hurdle in the wedding planning process, and can often throw your plans off from the start. You find yourself worried about who to include; aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers. Will you be allowing children at the wedding? What about friends or family who bring plus-ones you’ve never even met? You may also have to take into account who your parents and future in-laws want at the wedding, or who they would prefer didn’t attend. You have to ensure your venue is large enough to accommodate everyone without knowing who is going to RSVP or how many will attend before booking.

In other words...what in the heck do you do?!

As a wedding planner, I’ve developed a method during my years working with couples which you can use for your own wedding to make guest list responsibilities a breeze. When it comes time to sit down to make your guest list, write out your rules and then stick to them!

Wedding Guest List Guide

A few tips for creating your guest list:

  1. 80% of the guests you invite will attend. No, this does not mean you should invite more people than your venue will fit and hope that 20% will reply with a “no!” You should only invite as many guests as your venue can accommodate. Details such as where your guests will be travelling from, time of year, budget, etc. will also play a role, however, knowing your venue’s accommodation limit is a wonderful start.

  2. Make an “A” and “B” list. Though this may sound harsh, no one will know they are on the B list! Start by sitting down with your future spouse and figure out who you each have to have at your wedding, and who it would be nice to have at your event. This will help you to better narrow down your requisite guests.

  3. If you choose to create a “B” list, save it! You should send your invtiations to your guests on your “A” list as early as possible to ensure they have time to RSVP. As you receive yes or no confirmations from guests on list “A,” you can send out invites accordingly to guests on list “B.” This will prevent any invitations appearing as “last minute” invites!

  4. Follow the "Wedding Guest List" Guide and consider the questions I've asked. Are they family? Are they friends? Are they coworkers? Have you spoken to them in the last year? Have they met your fiancé? Do you spend time with them outside of work? And most importantly, could you imagine your wedding without them?

Happy Guest Listing!