3 Ways To Make Wedding Planning More Fun

Planning Your Wedding Should be Fun - And it Can Be!

Planning one of the most important and special days of your life can be a daunting task. You may find yourself giving in to the stress of the planning process and missing out on the fun aspects of it! To help you stay on track - and actually enjoy the process - here are a few simple, lighthearted tips for brides and grooms to be.

1. Come Up with a Theme

This does not mean you have to have a Circus, Star Wars, or 1930’s themed wedding - unless you want to, of course!

vintage wedding

The best (and simplest) weddings I have planned have all had one thing in common: a theme. For some it was a colour; for others, it was a rustic or vintage vibe, even just an image or design that we infused into every aspect of their special day. Once you have one idea you love and can build upon, your “theme” will blossom from there.

Is it a color? Line the aisle with a pop of colored flower petals; have your bridesmaids wear a colored dress or belt; bring color in by way of your shoes, or utilize colored hair accessories. At the reception, bring the color in with napkins, name cards, favors, sweets on the sweets table, or a signature drink.

Is it a vintage vibe? Set out vintage pieces to create your guest book table, a seating area for your guests, or centrepieces on the tables. Scatter cigar boxes and whiskey bottles for decor and serve old fashions at the bar.

Is it an image or design? Sprinkle the image or design throughout your wedding; perhaps you’d like to project an image on the dancefloor that is also printed on the menus and mirrored in the centrepieces or dessert bar.

An easy way to bring features of a theme into all aspects of your wedding is to appeal to all of the senses! Pull the color through in the feel, sights, sounds, and taste of your wedding day.

2. Include your Partner

wedding couple

Life is more fun when you’re living it, together. So why not bring back date nights in the form of wedding planning?! If you have spent too much time on wedding plans and not enough on quality time, try snuggling up with a bottle of wine and a wedding task to make parts of the process a fun and relaxed challenge.

Don’t just stop at relaxed date nights; have some fun with the planning process and make it a game, a challenge or contest. Whoever wins gets a massage; the loser cooks dinner, or whatever you choose. Even if the challenge is as easy as who can stuff the most envelopes, have some fun with it!

3. Make it about the two of you!

The most unique part of any wedding is the two of you. So let all of the things you love shine big and bright.

wedding beer bar

Do you love specialty beers? Have a tasting bar.

Do you love playing games? Have lawn games after your ceremony or party games at the reception.

Do you love live music? Have a band walk you down the aisle or play a few sets at cocktail hour.

Do you love pie, donuts or lemon squares? Then skip the traditional wedding cake and serve those instead!

The key to having fun when planning your wedding is to not get caught up in “what you should do,” or grow too concerned with what specific guests will like or dislike. It is, after all, your special day! The focus should be on what the two of YOU want. It’s time to let the creativity flow!

Have fun planning!