A Wedding Planner's Top 10 Wedding Favors {Non-Edible Edition}

It’s the end of the night, after a beautiful wedding, and what do you think is left on the tables? Yup, the wedding favors.

As a wedding planner I have seen my fair share of favors, the good and the not so good. Here is the list of my top 10 all time favorite. Give your guests something they would love to take home! Also, see last week’s list of my top 10 edible wedding favors.

1. Cactus, succulents, seeds – I love cacti, succulents and air plants. Mainly because they are easy to keep alive in my plant challenged house (ha!) but they are so pretty. Send your guests home with a little potted plants or seeds they can grow themselves. They will think back fondly on your wedding as they watch them flourish.

2. Candle – Homemade or purchased, candles are a great option for a wedding favour. Choose your favourite scent or have a his and her aroma going on.

3. Soap – Another great DIY wedding favour option. Soap or bath balms will give your guests a little take away they can actually use.

4. Glassware – Customized or not, I’ve seen glassware used at the wedding reception, they can double as name cards for seating and triple as a favor for guests to take home, win, win, win!

5. Bottle opener or beer cozy – If you have a lot of beer drinkers in your crowd, send them home with a useful gadget or a personalized beer cozy to keep their drinks cool.

6. Playing cards – Have some game lovers in your wedding guest group? Some cute custom playing cards will never go to waste.

7. Hangover kit – Heavy drinkers in your crew? Send them home with a little pampering to cure their wedding hangover.

8. Luggage tag – Likely not the best idea to put your name and date on them but a few cute sayings or Mr and Mrs luggage tags are a great take away everyone can use!

9. Shoes or wraps – Keep your guests comfortable with a warm blanket or shawl when it gets chilly or provide flip flops for the dance floor when they need to lose their heels.

10. Donation – If you aren’t feelin’ a physical favor….don’t do one. I’ve had couples who opted to put the money towards their favorite charity instead, or do nothing at all!

BONUS: Planning a destination wedding? Lip balm or travel sized sunblock make a great favor!

Photo credits: 1. Cactus: Design and Paper / 2. Candle: Mountainess / 3. Soap: Beth and Olivia’s Market / 4. Glassware: Andrea Paradowski via Style Me Pretty / 5. Bottle Opener: Naz Forge / 6. Playing cards: Alan Maudie via Shannon Valente Weddings / 7. Hangover kit: My Custom Party Store / 8. Luggage tag: Love Plus Design 9. Wraps: Isos Photography via June Bug Weddings / 10. Donation: Connie and Joan