The Most Effective Ways to Design Your Wedding Using Pinterest

Oh, Pinterest! What did we ever do before this digital giant on an inspiration board was created?!

Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms today which is used by millions around the globe to find inspiration, products, and design tips for virtually every project; from parties and weddings to corporate events and DIY projects. It’s undoubtedly one of the best resources out there which couples can use to source inspiration and ideas for their own wedding design, but it can also be a rabbit hole of information!

Don’t spiral down the Pinterest hole and become overwhelmed by the plethora of options and inspo! To ensure you use Pinterest effectively when designing a basic scheme or vision for your wedding day, try my top eight tips to help you truly benefit from Pinterest as a planning tool.

planning your wedding with pinterest.png

A few tips I have learned using Pinterest to plan weddings:

  1. Get inspired - Don’t just pin wedding pictures or ideas; pull from other areas as well, searching different niches for ideas or advice. Inspiration is everywhere!

  2. Beware - Pretty pictures can be truly deceiving. Depending where you are located in the world, where you’ll be holding your wedding, your budget or what time of year you are getting married, the gorgeous wedding bouquets or centrepieces you pin may not contain florals that are in season or match with your budget.

  3. Don’t go over the top - Though the opulent images on Pinterest filled with gold linens and glowing chandeliers are stunning, ensure you peruse the platform with realistic expectations as to what you know to be feasible for your budget and wedding.

  4. Too many ideas - Try not to get carried away and pin too many different themes or styles when searching through Pinterest for wedding ideas. It’s extremely easy to get carried away pinning beautiful photos and inspo but, when you step back, you may realize that, although very amazing, much of what you pinned likely isn’t cohesive or doesn’t reflect your true vision.

  5. Curate your pins - As you find ideas and inspo you love, delete the ones you don’t to avoid clutter and confusion when you reference your Pinterest pins or boards later.

  6. Organize - A very useful and important tip here is to keep your Pinterest content organized. Have multiple wedding boards; invite friends, family and bridesmaids to your boards as contributors; or organize your boards based on pin types (i.e. have separate boards for florals, decor, color scheme, etc). Ultimately, you should have one final wedding board that is totally cohesive; this board can be shown to vendors as well a your wedding planner (that’s me!) during meetings or walkthroughs in order to bring your vision together.

  7. Comment - Leave comments on the pins you save as notes about what you like in each specific picture so vendors know why you pinned that picture; don’t make them guess!

  8. Get creative - Use the images you find as inspiration to help you dream up something even more epic, or to source ideas you may have not thought of prior to using Pinterest. Combine multiple ideas to create your own unique take on it!

pinterest wedding design

Happy Pinning!