How to Make Your Own DIY Wedding Survival Kit

Though never a girl scout myself, my decade-long experience as a wedding planner has taught me to believe wholeheartedly in the motto, “Be Prepared.” Over the years, I’ve developed my own DIY kit for wedding day survival needs - from breath mints and sewing kits to batteries and super glue, I learned quickly that it never hurts to be as well equipped on one’s wedding day as possible!

Couples often ask me, “What is the worst wedding disaster you’ve experienced?” Though disasters rarely do happen, there have been times when my survival kit has come in handy. For example, that time a bridesmaid’s zipper split as she was due to walk down the aisle, or the best-man speech which almost never happened when the batteries on the microphone suddenly died.

It’s important to keep in mind that, sometimes, things happen which may be out of your control but can be easily rectified with a few tweaks and quick fixes. That’s why I recommend having a wedding day survival kit on hand.

wedding day emergency kit list

Want to make your own DIY Wedding Day Survival Kit?

Check out my recommendations below for items you should keep in your own kit!

  • Toiletries - Brush/comb, hairspray/gel, bobby pins, deodorant, feminine products, band-aids, to keep you and your girls looking and feeling your best.

  • Tissues - for those happy tears

  • Eye drops - happy tears can also bring red eyes. Pop a few drops in right before you head off for pictures.

  • Blotting tissues - the ones that get rid of grease/shine on your face

  • Nails -  file, clear nail polish and the color you are wearing, for any mishaps

  • Sewing kit - needle, thread, scissors, safety pins (this is probably the most requested item from wedding guests), straight pins (to repin any lopsided boutonnieres)

  • Drinking straw - so as not to ruin your lipstick before photos

  • Double sided tape - to keep everything in it’s place. Also works great for attaching cards to gifts at the reception!

  • Stain remover pen - for any spills and stains

  • White chalk - for any stains that won’t come out, this can make a quick cover up on a white dress.

  • Static guard spray - if you are feeling the electricity

  • Sunscreen - a great idea for peak summer weddings, you don’t want to show up at the reception with a sun burn.

  • Pain relief - Tylenol/Advil for your head, GasX, Pepto or Tums for your tummy

  • Breath mints - dental floss and toothbrush for a fresh first kiss

  • Super glue - nail glue, eyelash glue

  • Dancing socks/shoes - you feet will thank you

  • Baby powder - for hot summer day chaffing

  • Make up - bring along a few essentials for touch ups

  • Mirror - for on the go applications

  • Phone charger - should anyone’s phone start to die

  • Lint roller - to clean up the guys suits

  • Batteries - for cameras and mics that need a boost

Bonus: A few other items I carry in my kit as a wedding planner:

  • Duct tape - to tape down cords

  • Goo Gone - to get stickers off of vases

  • Mac adapter -  for slideshows

  • Screwdrivers - regular and mini sizes

  • BBQ Lighter - to light candles

Happy Preparing!



Photo credit: Emily Exon Photography