Top Wedding Trends – Celebrants, Doughnut & Glass Marquees Anyone?

How many magazines, blogs, and Pinterest boards have you gone through already in the run-up to planning your dream wedding? If you’re anything like me, probably hundreds!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming with so many options out there, and I love to get inspiration from all over the world, so I've asked our friends over at The Celebrant Directory, to put together a list of the top 7 Wedding trends that they are excited about for 2018. 

Here's what they had to say!

1. Not-so-conventional Wedding Cakes

We could search for inspiration for delicious wedding cakes for hours but one thing we have noticed on our search (and we’re a big fan of them), is the rise of cupcake or doughnut towers. These finger-licking fun twists on the dessert menu are becoming more and more popular and we love it!

wedding donuts

2. Move aside 3-course meals – Time to pick and choose

We’ve seen a massive rise of more and more couples opting for a less ‘traditional’ wedding, which includes not as many sit-down 3-course meals. Typically, at a wedding, you’ll have different groups of friends and family that aren’t acquainted yet so choosing a more sociable catering option could be just the one to get everyone together! 

Whether that be food trucks, hog roasts, large sharing plates, ice-cream vans or sweet shop tables, they are storming their way onto the wedding scene and we are more than happy to let them stay. 

ice cream cart

3. The rising of Wedding Photobooths

Who doesn’t love a photo booth? Photo booths are a fantastic way to bring everyone together and injects the fun factor, it takes away any first meeting awkwardness between your guests creating an excellent ice-breaker. They are a great way to catch those ridiculously funny moments – for example, grandad in a wig rocking the blow-up guitar?! Not only that, but you could use these photos to make a creative guestbook filled with fun memories of your favorite people coming together. 

wedding photobooth

4. Table wreaths

Long table wreaths can offer a hassle-free, creative approach to your floral displays. They instantly fill your table with warmth and color and by avoiding tall centerpieces your guests can actually see each other! Beautiful!

table wreath

  5. Alternative indoor spaces

Over the past few years, we’ve seen growing trends of couples stepping outside the ‘traditional venues’ and moving towards alternative venues such as converted barns, forests or on a sandy white beach and using Celebrants to officiate their ceremonies. In 2018 we are seeing everywhere that industrial-type indoor spaces are becoming more popular. Why? Well, these blank canvases allow couples to get more creative with their décor and offer the chance to personalize their wedding to exactly the style they want. 

industrial wedding venue.jpg

 6. Glass marquees

Last year was all about the outdoor wedding and although, as Celebrants, we love nothing more than a beautiful garden or beach wedding…glass marquees allow the best of both worlds (and eliminates the danger of unpredictable weather!) These great open light spaces are the perfect set up for minimalistic couples. 

glass wedding marquee.jpg

7. Personalized Ceremonies

In 2017, we ran a survey completed by top Wedding Celebrants in the UK. The results just proved what a jump in Celebrants bookings there has been, meaning more and more people are choosing a Celebrant to officiate their big day. Choosing a Celebrant offers you the chance to get really creative with the rest of your choices as there are no restrictions on where, how and what content a Celebrant ceremony contains. You are only limited by your imagination! 

outdoor wedding ceremony

It sure is an exciting year for the wedding industry and we cannot wait to see what new traditions are created!