Real Brides Spill - The Worst Advice They Received

The dreaded wedding advice! No matter where you are at in your wedding planning process, people seem to like to shower you with their words of wisdom. Good or bad.

Recently I sat down with a few of my past brides and grooms and asked them about some of the BEST advice they had received while planning their wedding and blogged about it here.

And because I couldn’t resist, I also asked them: “What was the WORST advice you received while planning your wedding?”

Here’s what they had to say:


The bride should enter on a white horse. Um, no she shouldn’t, the groom was allergic.”  

Send them an invite, they probably won’t come anyway. Famous last words, they came! We were almost over capacity, it was super stressful and we ended up having a bigger wedding than we wanted.”

bride on a horse

Tell the guests the wedding starts earlier than it actually does. Don’t do this. A friend of ours did this and had guests standing around in the hot sun, worrying why the wedding hadn’t started yet. A few even thought it might have been called off!”

Don’t hire a wedding day coordinator, I will help you! Family means well but oh how I wish I would have hired someone to help me on the day. I think it would have been a lot less stressful.”

Don’t worry about so many details for the wedding, nobody will even remember. Well, I remember! I’m so glad I included all of the little details I did, it was the wedding of our dreams!

wedding ceremony

Have a big wedding party. I was having trouble deciding who to ask to stand up for me so my mom said just ask them all. Well I did, the wedding party was way too big, way too dramatic and I wished I just asked one or two of my besties.”

Do you own hair and makeup, it will be fine! It wasn’t. I found it super stressful, my hair wasn’t working out how I imagined and I was kicking myself for not hiring a professional. Not to mention we were late for the ceremony because of trying to get hair and makeup just right.”

bridal party.jpg

What's the worst advice you received while planning your wedding? I want to hear it!

Shannon xoxo


Photo credits: 1. Warm Photo, 2. Joel Serrato, 3. Luna De Mare Photo