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Simple Wedding Invitations That Will Wow Your Guests

Simple Wedding Invitations That Will Wow Your Guests

Wedding invitations are the first introduction to your wedding and tend to set the tone for the entire event. They let your guests know how formal or casual the wedding will be, along with housing all of the necessary details. If the ceremony will be held indoors or outdoors, where the reception will take place, etc. Guests will expect to see the vibe they were given by the invites, reflected at your wedding. It’s like a sneak peek into what they will experience.

You may also be trying to decide if you are going to have someone print your stationery for you, or if you want to go the DIY wedding invitation route. Two of my absolute favorite places to shop for wedding invites are Etsy and Minted.

Whether you are looking for soft and muted, romantic, floral paper goods. Or bold, edgy, contemporary invitations with a modern twist, they’ve got you covered, and then some. With the option to have them printed or simply download a digital file and take them to your own local printer, the possibilities are endless and also work with virtually any wedding budget.

Here are just a few of my personal favorites.