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Your Wedding Budget Breakdown: How to Stay on Track and in Control

Your Wedding Budget Breakdown: How to Stay on Track and in Control

Wedding budgets are often one of the more significant points of content when it comes to planning one’s dream wedding, and with all of the various aspects of pulling off an epic day, your budget can quickly spiral out of control. A “quick fix” to this issue is having a game place in place to help you take control of your budget, but how do you actually stay on track?

If you’ve ever asked yourself during your wedding planning process..

  • How much is truly enough?

  • How will I afford everything I need (and want) for my wedding?

  • How do I plan accordingly for every expense?

  • Do I need a “parachute” in place in case things get carried away?

Then this brief yet helpful guide will be of benefit to you when it comes to breaking down your wedding budget and staying in control of your finances.

Here are few tips for keeping your wedding budget under control.

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Party

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Party

Can we talk about your wedding party peeps?! Selecting your wedding party, though a no-brainer for some, can cause quite a bit of stress for others. You are, after all, choosing a smaller group of friends and loved ones to play a significant role in your special day - for some, that decision can be an anxious one!

If you are one of those people, I have a few solutions which can help you clarify how to choose your perfect wedding party. Let’s dive in!

It’s a huge honor to be selected as part of a loved one’s wedding party, so it’s important that you choose those who are nearest and dearest to you; for example, many choose life-long friends and family who they believe or feel will be beside them for many years to come. Consider the following: