That moment in your wedding planning when the
overwhelm starts to outweigh the excitement…

Hours spent scrolling Pinterest; flipping through magazines; scouring Google

Opinions (some wanted; some not) from friends and family

Questions -- so many questions -- about vendors, seating charts, timelines, and...the budget

Psst...I’ve got a secret. You can plan the day of your dreams without the stress. Really.

I see you: Settled on the couch after a long day, top knot up and yoga pants on, ready to tackle the wedding to-do list...

Only, it doesn’t feel fun anymore...

  • You’re mindlessly skimming the same free articles, yet again, wondering what you can actually trust

  • Your budget is spiraling out of control and you’re not even halfway through your vendor list yet

  • You’re not-so-secretly stressing about the details that might slip through the cracks

All you really want to do is plan an experience that’s perfect for you, your fiancé, your family, and your friends.

Instead, you’re wondering: Is this DIY planning route really the best option,
or is it time to scrounge up $5k+ to hire a wedding planner?


Step One:

Take a deep breath

Your DIY wedding planning just got a heck of a lot easier
(and way more fun)

Enter: The Wed Life Challenge

The complete, step-by-step system for strategically covering each and every detail of your wedding while making it exactly what you want.

All in a simple, game-like experience you can play at your own pace. (No stress, necessary.)



Get the proven planning process used to create seamless, magazine-worthy weddings for hundreds of couples, directly from a wedding planner with more than a decade of experience.


Trusted by:


From scattered, stressed bride-to-be → personal wedding planning pro

The Challenge is on! Travel from the starting line all the way to paradise, checking off essential wedding planning tasks (mini-challenges) and collecting game pieces -- and prizes! -- as you progress.


Solidify your guest list


Build your budget


Choose your venue + get the proper contracts in place


Curate the perfect theme


Create the ideal floor plan and seating chart ...and so much more.

In just over an hour and a half of bite-sized video walkthroughs, you’ll learn exactly WHAT you need to do, and WHEN to do it as you progress in your planning.

Your family and friends will wonder who you paid to plan your wedding...

But the credit is all yours, friend!



The Wed Life Challenge

The game designed to help brides and grooms-to-be plan a seamless wedding, FASTER than ever before


The Starting Line

Build an organized foundation from which to plan. Walk through the ins and outs of wedding apps and checklists that best fit you as a couple.


Fork in the Road

Get informed and decide what type of wedding YOU want. Choose a path, get the skinny on guest lists (coworkers, kids, and +1s…oh my!), and pick the perfect wedding party to support you.


The Bank

Set a budget you can stick to. Learn exactly how much it might actually take to realize your dreams (including the hidden costs others don’t mention!), meet with your “investors”, and build a contingency plan for your own sanity.


The Museum

Curate the elements that are going to make your day truly yours -- from the theme to the invitations, and the decor to the favors.


The Talent Show

Get the skinny on how to choose the best vendors, where you might find them, and what paperwork you’ll need to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re promised.


The Tea Party

Learn proper wedding day etiquette -- so you know which rules you can break, of course! Identify traditions, navigate pre- + post-wedding day events, and get the guide to speeches, emcee, and music selection.


The Labyrinth

Get the secrets to fully-functional day-of timelines, floor plans that flow, and seating charts that don’t have you stressing about keeping your friend Steve from university away from cousin Mary.


Get Married

Preview the perfect rehearsal and get the gameday strategy to know who should be where, when for your day to run without a hitch!



Relax and unwind in your own personal paradise...after you’ve wrapped up the loose ends you won’t want to be thinking about while you’re sipping margaritas in the sunshine.


Here’s where The Wed Life
will take you:

A step-by-step roadmap leading you from "where do I start?!" to saying "I do!".


"the key to our sanity"

Mirey testimonial.png

"Having a professional guide us through the process really was the key to our sanity. Since neither of us were much into weddings, just about everything you suggested was an "ah ha" moment for us. Working with you was the BEST thing we could have done for ourselves and our wedding"

- Mirey + Pat

"The Challenge helps us focus on one subject/area that day, narrowing it down so it doesn’t seem as big. It’s been a really good conversation starter for us. We end up talking a lot about wants/what we don’t want when we watch them that we wouldn’t have, otherwise."

- Janine Z


The Goods

Get the expertise of a wedding planner...without the hefty price tag

Plan your wedding, start to finish, without the stress. Have access to all the goods for as little or as long as you need it.

Here’s what you get with The Wed Life Challenge:


I'm opening the vault on every template, checklist and tip you need to plan the most epic of weddings. But here's the clincher: I also SHOW you how to use them! ($197 value)


9 video modules where I walk you through the exact process I go through with all of my couples, from guest list to seating charts and everything in between ($5000 value)


Discounts (oh the discounts!). I’ve partnered with some of the world’s finest wedding vendors to bring you discounts you can actually use throughout the process ($300+ value)

Total Value: $5497

Your ticket to The Challenge: $29/month

Who am I anyway?!

Emily Exon Photography

Emily Exon Photography



Hey, I’m Shannon...game master + sharer of wedding planning secrets

After more than a decade of planning hundreds of weddings (and loving every minute!), I created The Wed Life Challenge to help couples everywhere reduce the stress and tame the chaos of planning their wedding.

The idea that only big budget weddings should have access to a planner is bananas -- so I’m making my step-by-step process available to everyone. Since I have a wee bit of a competitive side (just ask my hubby and kidlets), I joined my love of wedding planning with the fun of game nights to create The Wed Life Challenge.

Meet me at the starting line…I’ll be waiting!


This seems cool, Shannon…but another wedding expense?

Your wedding is already turning out to be more expensive than you thought. (You’re not alone -- it’s something I hear from every bride.)
Here’s the thing: Finding out all the secrets to planning sooner, rather than later, will save you money, in the long run.

While we’re here, let’s dispel a few other myths I’ve heard from brides-to-be around wedding planning:

+ Once we have the venue, everything will fall into place.” If I could wave a magic wand and make it that easy, I would! Your venue is a big one, yes, but it won’t automatically take care of everything else on your list -- or those things you’re not yet thinking of ;)

+ Wedding planning is overwhelming, sure, but that’s how it’s supposed to be.” Girl, it sounds cliché, but it does not have to be so hard. Unless you’re the type who likes losing hours in rabbit holes searching for the best conglomeration of free resources, wants to start from scratch on each and every thing, or enjoys going to sleep at night with a million things on your mind, there is a better way. And I’ll walk you through it, step by step.

+ Of course I can’t get everything I want! Oh...but you can! When you’re clear on your priorities from day one (we do that at The Starting Line), and create your Big @ss Budget (that happens at The Bank), you’ll see just how possible it is to make your day exactly what you want.

+ Who needs a planner when you have Pinterest? Pinterest is a godsend...and great for brainstorming. But if you want access to checklists, guides, spreadsheets, and a game plan that’s tailored to exactly what you need to plan your wedding? You’ll want access to the planner who’s done it all before, hundreds of times.

+ I don’t have time for one more thing. You’re right. The good news: Getting focused from the get go and benefitting from my years of experience will save you costly mistakes both time and money-wise in the long run. (And did I mention that this course is binge-worthy? Just over 90 minutes of content!)

Save hundreds of hours and dollars as you make your wedding exactly what you’ve imagined

...and keep the hair on that pretty little head of yours!


Speaking of dollars...complete tasks within The Challenge and unlock discounts

from our generous sponsors!


Plan the wedding of your dreams on your own --

with the resources of a wedding
planning expert at your fingertips

Total value: $5497

The cost of hiring a wedding planner: $5,500-$6,500

Your ticket to The Challenge:

just $29/month

The Wed Life Challenge is 100% bride-approved!

But if you don’t absolutely love The Wed Life Challenge -- and all of the amazing resources and benefits it has to offer -- I’m happy to offer a no-questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee with a full refund. All you have to do is contact us!

"Took every ounce of stress away..."


"I honestly had no idea what I was doing and everything you told us and provided us with was invaluable!! You made our wedding run so smooth and took every ounce of stress away. Your checklists were amazing! Every person we talked to afterward said something about how organized everything was! I am so glad we found you. I probably would have lost my $#*! on a million things if we hadn't!"

- Tonia + Jordan


A's to your q's

+ How does this compare to the cost of hiring a wedding planner?

An experienced wedding planner will run you $5,000+ to plan your wedding. With The Wed Life Challenge, you get the complete toolkit -- the process, the checklists, the guides, and the spreadsheets -- I use with each and every couple whose wedding I plan (plus the how to!), for a fraction of the cost.

+ How long will it take me to complete The Challenge?

The approach is self-paced, meaning you can complete the Challenges and work through each step at your own pace. No deadlines, no strict timelines, no cut-offs. The videos themselves are only about 90 minutes total -- and the amazing amount of time you’ll save on research will more than make up for time spent watching!

+ What happens when I buy The Challenge?

First thing’s first: I do a happy dance, wherever I am (and invite you to do the same!). Then, head on over to your inbox and look for an email confirmation with your course login information. A few clicks, and you’ll be at the starting line!

+ Once I’ve finished The Challenge, do you become my day-of coordinator?

While I suggest couples get a day-of coordinator in some cases (even if they haven’t worked with a planner for most of the process), it’s not included in the price of The Wed Life Challenge.

+ How much access do I get to you, Shannon, while I’m doing The Challenge?

Joining The Wed Life Challenge gives you instant access to The Wed Life Society, the private Facebook Group for Challengers where I’m regularly present to answer questions and offer motivation. In addition, I host quarterly calls where you can bring questions and get them answered live!

+ I have a question that’s not answered here!

We're all ears. Get in touch today!


“Wedding planning is STRESSFUL.”
- said no bride (who took The Wed Life Challenge), ever.