The Wed Life Challenge

A step by step system to plan your wedding

It’s time to take the work out of wedding planning!

At first it was exciting, pinning pretty pictures on Pinterest but now it’s time to do “all the things” and you are screaming…

"Where the heck do I start?!"

Here you are; top knot up top, pj pants on, settled on the couch after a long day, ready to tackle the wedding to do list. And you realize this wedding thing that was supposed to be fun... is starting to feel a lot like work, ahhhh!

It hurts my heart when couples tell me they just want it all to be over, meaning the wedding planning. I love planning weddings, it’s supposed to be fun! And it should be as EASY and stress-free as it possibly can. That’s where The Wed Life comes in.

It's JUST like having a live wedding, without spending thousands. Because really...isn't that what we all want?!


what will you experience...


Access to a real, live wedding planner. Professional advice to help plan YOUR wedding

Short, EASY to follow, step by step modules leading you through the entire wedding planning process

Consistent support and guidance throughout the experience to overcome wedding planning overwhelm.

I've put the FUN back into planning a wedding. The satisfaction of planning your own wedding, with a polished, professional punch

not experience

The feeling like you just want this all (the wedding planning) to be over. You won’t want it to end!

A lack of support throughout the planning process which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and under-excited about your wedding.

A typical wedding e-course, stripped of all it's fun potential.

Generic downloads, checklists and planning "guides", leaving you confused, uninspired and still with a long list of to-do’s

Ready to Play?

What if I told you that planning your wedding could be anything but complicated and - dare I say it - boring? If you are…


Feeling overwhelmed with budgets, vendors, seating charts, and pretty much every aspect of planning your wedding


Lost or out of control when it comes to creating your ideal wedding


Unable to devote the time, patience, or energy towards planning your wedding


Ready to tear your hair out or burst into tears at the sheer number of decor options and Pinterest inspo

Then you, my friend, have come to the right place...

The Wed Life Challenge is a step by step SYSTEM, WHERE I walk you through the same process I have walked hundreds of couples through as a wedding planner, all in a SELF PACED, game-like experience.

Over the last 10 years I have helped couples just like you, plan seamless, magazine worthy weddings.

The best part?

I’m making it ALL available to you!


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"the key to our sanity"

Mirey testimonial.png

"Having a professional guide us through the process really was the key to our sanity. Since neither of us were much into weddings, just about everything you suggested was an "ah ha" moment for us. Working with you was the BEST thing we could have done for ourselves and our wedding"

- Mirey + Pat

"Shannon helped make our day absolutely amazing! She was incredible from the entire year and a half of planning, to the rehearsal, to our wedding day! She made our day run so smoothly and made it so stress free for us! She is so much fun and absolutely worth every penny! I would recommend Shannon a million times over!!"

- Laura + Matt

"I honestly had no idea what I was doing and everything you told us and provided us with was invaluable!! You made our wedding run so smooth and took every ounce of stress away. Your checklists were amazing! Every person we talked to afterward said something about how organized everything was! I am so glad we found you. I probably would have lost my $#*! on a million things if we hadn't!"

- Tonia + Jordan


The Game Board

A step-by-step roadmap leading you from "where do I start?!" to saying "I do!".


Livin' The Wed Life


The Starting Line

Your gateway to organization! Walk through the ins and outs of wedding apps, checklists and websites

  • The Low Down - what to expect and where to find things
  • Joining the Society - Get to know your fellow players
  • Apps and Organization - Let’s get digital; starting off on the right foot
  • Wedding Websites - Your dot com; what to include
  • Checking it off the “list” - Fun and helpful resources


Fork in the Road

Deciding what type of wedding YOU want. Hop in an Uber and head towards the urban city, take the dirt road through the countryside or saddle up and ride horseback to the castle

  • Weighing the options and choosing your path
  • Guest List Support - coworkers, kids and +1’s oh my!
  • Choosing Your Wedding Party Peeps
  • Coming up with your game strategy


The Bank

Your journey can’t continue without some funds! Make an appointment with your “investors”, and sort out how much money you will need to make it to the finish line

  • Big @ss budget - How much is truly enough?
  • Meeting with your investors
  • Hidden budget costs, plus a back up plan should things go awry!


The Museum

Head over to the museum, prepare to channel your inner artist and create your masterpiece

  • Create a "theme" without having a typical themed wedding
  • Utilizing Pinterest to the best of it's ability
  • Designing your masterpiece - wedding day design and deco
  • Invitations; what to say and how to say it
  • Choosing favors for your big day


The Talent Show

Make your way to the Theatre, where you will witness a parade of vendors and suppliers putting on their best “show” as they vie for your attention. Who will you work with?

  • Figuring out who you need and where to find them
  • The pesky paperwork - vendor contracts, fees, payments, and much more
  • The Wed Life Talent Show, chatting with REAL vendors


The Tea Party

Your task at this stage is to visit the Tea Shop for a spot of tea. Be enlightened with etiquette, decide on which traditions you will include and flip through the reception day rule book

  • Learn about wedding etiquette and traditions
  • Navigating pre/post game day events
  • The rule book on speeches, emcee and music selection
  • The paper work - licenses and insurance


The Labyrinth

Get your key to the labyrinth as we make our way through the maze of floorplans, timelines and seating charts

  • Creating a floor plan for your wedding that actually flows
  • Timing is everything; create a comprehensive and fully-functional timeline
  • Game day set up, take down time and everything in between
  • Seating your guests - creating the perfect seating chart with ease


Get Married

Congratulations! It is now time for you and your partner to take the leap and walk down that aisle! But before you make your biggest (and most important) move yet, you’ve got a few more tasks to accomplish before your honeymoon calls!

  • Game day strategy with the talent and players
  • Practice makes perfect - let's have a rehearsal!
  • What would you do differently? A few tips from the future



You came, you played, you conquered: now it’s time to relax and unwind in your own personal paradise. Reflect on the amazing game you experienced and figure out where to go next

  • The Honeymoon!
  • Wrapping up loose ends - reconcile, returns and recharge
  • Post wedding project - what will you do next?
  • Post wedding to do’s - paper work, thank you’s and more

How the Game Works

The Wed Life Challenge is more than just an ordinary e-course. Rather, it’s a revolutionary game designed to help brides and grooms-to-be plan a seamless wedding, FASTER than ever before. 

I will guide you through - short, fun to watch- video modules. You complete wedding related challenges (hint - they are quick, EASY tasks), that once completed, will have planned your wedding. As you go along you will receive prizes (ie. save $$$ on items) that can actually be used for YOUR wedding! 

Now, you’re probably wondering: What are these prizes?!

Great question!

These challenges and prizes are not just fluff ladies and gents, they are all things that will bring you closer to a professionally planned wedding, presented in a fun, unique way! You will save $100's with discounts on everything from wedding invitations, websites to favors, each challenge and prize has been carefully chosen to benefit you, taking the guesswork out of planning your big day.

I walk you through the same process I have walked hundreds of couples through as a wedding planner, all in a game-like experience.


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The Goods


here's what you get!


Game Board

A wedding game plan, to navigate you through the entire process. Complete challenges and unlock prizes that will help plan your wedding, all while saving you $$$


Join me on regular calls where you'll have the ability to ask questions and get answers about YOUR wedding ($600 value)

9 LEvels

9 video modules where I walk you through the exact process I go through with all of my couples, from guest list to seating charts and everything in between ($5000 value)


I'm opening the vault on every template, checklist and tip you need to plan the most epic of weddings. But here's the clincher, I also SHOW you how to use them! ($197 value)


Access to our exclusive community where you can bond and persevere with other players who GET what you are up against ($497 value)


Discounts (oh the discounts!) I’ve partnered with some of the world’s finest wedding vendors to bring you these gems ($300+ value)

You pay $297 $197!


How much does it cost?


The Wed Life Challenge was created to help couples reduce the stress and tame the chaos while planning their wedding. I didn't want only the big budget weddings to have access to a wedding planner. So I'm making my step by step program available for everyone!


Hiring a professional wedding planner can cost over $5000 but your investment is....

✱ Price includes access to all course materials, coaching calls and The Wed Life Society!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Our wedding is already costly and time-consuming; why do we need this Challenge?

You’re absolutely right. Your time is valuable, so I have honed in the wedding planning process for you. Getting focused from the get-go and benefitting from my years of experience will save you from making costly mistakes both time and money-wise. Also, with the discounts alone, it really pays for itself and then some ;)

+ With all of the free wedding tools online, why should we pay for help with our wedding?

The amount of information available for wedding planning is vast. In fact, it’s a bit daunting and overwhelming, which is exactly why I designed this Challenge, for couples just like you. I have spent years sifting through all of the resources available online, carefully curating, testing and creating my own systems, now I’m passing my knowledge to you. You will save time, money, energy, and a whole lot of headaches with this Challenge!

+ What value does the Challenge offer us and our wedding?

There are many things money can buy, but one of the things it can’t, is experience. Regardless of your reasons for participating in the Challenge, having the guidance and support of a seasoned and experienced wedding planner (such as yours truly!) will more than benefit your wedding. You will have access to assistance with your plan, an exclusive society with resources and advice, access to discounts and much more. The proof is in the pudding, and with my extensive wedding experience, you can learn from a true professional - not simply another digital download!

+ How long will the Challenge take us to complete?

The Challenge has been designed specifically with you in mind, which makes it perfect for couples planning their wedding! The approach is self-paced, meaning you can complete the Challenges and work through each step at your own pace. No deadlines, no strict timelines, no cut-offs. What it will do with your time, is catapult you forward and cut out an amazing amount of research time on your part. So binge watch in a few days or over a few months as you plan, it's up to you!

+ What is included in the price of the Challenge?

The cost of The Wed Life Challenge includes 9 levels with all encompassing video modules, resources and information for each section, group calls with me (your trusty Game Master) and access to our exclusive Wed Life Society. You’ll also benefit from the prizes (ie. $100's of dollars in discounts) you unlock throughout your journey!

+ What if I’m not satisfied with the Challenge?

Though we know you’ll absolutely love The Wed Life Challenge - and all of the amazing resources and benefits it has to offer - we offer a money-back guarantee in the event that you are not happy. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee with a full refund; all you have to do is contact us!

+ Do you offer a payment plan?

You bet! I wanted to make this course affordable for everyone. Choose either the one-time fee option or make 3 easy installments!

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Who am I anyway?!

Emily Exon Photography

Emily Exon Photography


Hey I'm Shannon, wedding planner extraordinaire and your game master. I live life in a happy little bubble and feel that planning your wedding shouldn't be a stressful situation but rather something you actually enjoy. Imagine that! I love a good party, sweet treats (chocolate almonds are my fav) reality tv, my hubby, kidlets and cuddly little animals. I also have a wee bit of a competitive side so I've joined my love of planning weddings with the fun of game nights to create The Wed Life Challenge. Sound like your jam? Meet me at the starting line, I'll be waiting!